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Chris Pittard is a U.S. Army veteran and practicing attorney. The Continuing Adventures of the Carrot Top Kids is Pittard's compilation — a series of timeless stories that highlight the unique challenges and opportunities of being an active duty military family. From Texas to Alaska and places in between, each story opens a whole new world to the reader.
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Oct 2020

All the Way to Alaska!
This is the fourth in a series of books based on the surprising real life adventures of two adorable, red-headed sisters. In "All the Way to Alaska" Dani and Lana trek northward through the wilds of Canada to the Land of the Midnight Sun. They travel from Texas to California, up to Canada, and ride a ferry all the way to Alaska. Along the way they make new friends, encounter whales, Alaskan Native American artifacts, and a whole countryside of animals in their natural habitats on the way to their final destination of Fairbanks, Alaska.
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Apr 2018

The Puppies
This is the first in a series of chirldrens' books named the Continuing Adventures of the Carrot Top Kids. This book, named The Puppies, tells the tale of how our heroes, Dani and Lana, two redheaded sisters, became the proud owners of their first puppies. The story describes the naming of their first puppies, Shana and Aja, and the adventures they had with their first puppies at the Quack Quack Pond. This is a fun book for ages 3 through 6, full of vivid pictures and adventures that every little boy or girl would love.
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Oct 2018

Cartoon World
The Continuing Adventures of the Carrot Top Kids follows Dani and Lana, the two reheaded sisters, as they find themselves in a quandry and they discover who they can really depend on in the land of their favorite cartoon characters. Lana loses her special bracelet and they enlist the help of all the cartoon characters at Cartoon World! to find Lana's bracelet.
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Feb 2020

Fun in Mexico!
In "Fun In Mexico" Dani and Lana go south of the border to experience the wonders of the Mexican culture. Explore the marvels of Mexico with our two intrepid adventurers as they taste the foods, learn the language, and enjoy the rich heritage of our neighbors to the south.
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