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April 1, 2019

Only 50 percent survive the grueling crucible known as the United States Army Ranger School.

"Not for the weak or faint hearted" - the physically and mentally demanding eight weeks of Ranger School tests the limits of every aspiring Ranger student. Twenty-hour days with little food; mind-numbing PT, hand-to-hand combat and tortuous hours in the infamous "Worm Pit;" parachuting under dangerous night conditions; air assault operations, killing wild game to survive; arduous road marches, water-borne operations, patrolling through the impenetrable woods of southern Georgia; climbing the cloud-topping mountains of the Tennessee Valley Divide of North Georgia; and braving the fetid swamps of Florida.

Only the toughest survive.

This is the journey of one such survivor. Bullied from a young age, and subjected to the racism and bigotry of the 60's, this is the story of one little boy's dream to become a United States Army Ranger. Always the smallest and the weakest, against all odds, Chris Pittard persevered through all the obstacles placed in his way, to emerge as a United States Army Ranger. Find out how he succeeded when so many failed!

And as you already know,
Rangers Lead the Way!
Book 5:
If You Ain't Ranger You Ain't...
Another book by Chris Pittard

Oct 2013

Transmanaut Chronicles
This is a delightful and entertaining story about four young men who decide to take a trip from El Paso, Texas, to Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. The story centers around Chris who is nineteen years old at the time, and had just graduated from the University of Texas and had been admitted to the university's law school. Chris, his brother Dana, who is now a Major General in the United States Army and two of their closest friends, spend two weeks experiencing the exhilarating joy of traveling free of parental involvement. This is a coming of age story about four young men who take off as teenagers and return as men.
Book 5:
Transmanaut Chronicles
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